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Jadeite & Co Ltd was formed in 2015 with the vision of being the market leader for jadeite, ensuring that the services it provided met the same quality and professionalism that we believe these beautiful pieces demand.

In doing so we endeavour to provide the finest evaluation service for high value jadeite. Our detailed appraisals are undertaken at our UK labs and provide the most detailed analysis available anywhere in the world. With over 10 years of operation and processes undertaken by the most qualified scientists we can guarantee that your valuable assets are in safe hands. 

Further to our appraisal program Jadeite and Co had the vision of being able to indemnify the appraisals they provide, protecting both the client and owner. This unique service ensures that any item appraisal provided by ourselves is fully insured.

In addition to our appraisal, collection and sales services, Jadeite and Co also work with investors in advising them on the current market practices for this precious item. A number of whom have invested with us directly.



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Jadeite is one of two types of pure jade, the other one is known as nephrite jade. Jadeite is much rarer than nephrite jade and is therefore considered to be significantly more precious and valuable.


As the Chinese proverb goes: "gold has a price; jade is priceless."

But jadeites value isn’t just held in monetary terms, in Chinese culture it symbolises beauty, righteousness and knowledge as well as good health and long life.  Known as ‘The Stone of Heaven’ and with the Mandarin character for jade being ’yu’ it also symbolises the link between both heaven and earth. The term ‘yu’ is frequently seen in the names of Chinese people and also used as a description for items to symbolise their beauty.  It has also been a symbol of status, spirituality, purity and health for over 9,000 years in China.


Confucius said that there are 11 De (virtues), represented in jade. The following is the translation:

"The wise have likened jade to virtue. For them, its polish and brilliancy represent the whole of purity; its perfect compactness and extreme hardness represent the sureness of intelligence; its angles, which do not cut, although they seem sharp, represent justice; the pure and prolonged sound, which it gives forth when one strikes it, represents music. 

Its colour represents loyalty; its interior flaws, always showing themselves through the transparency, call to mind sincerity; its iridescent brightness represents heaven; its admirable substance, born of mountain and of water, represents the earth. Used alone without ornamentation it represents chastity. The price that the entire world attaches to it represents the truth.”

Jade has been mined since the stone age and items ranging from ornaments to tools and weapons to jewellery have been carved from it throughout the centuries.  During the Han dynasty (206 BC–220 AD) some of the most wealthy and influential Chinese society members chose to be buried in suits made up of thousands of pieces of jade plates sewn together with gold thread.  These would have been extremely costly to make and taken years to complete. But it was a lavish display of their status and wealth and was also thought to provide protection from physical decay.

There has always been a strong connection between the Chinese and the jade stone, the closest comparison to how this could translate into sentimental and monetary value within the Western culture can be loosely illustrated by how highly diamonds and gold are valued here.

Excellence through Experience

A professional and endearing man, Marco moved to the UK in 2003 From China. With a formal background in international business and having supported and development a number of successful businesses he is well placed to advise on market trends and investment within this specialist area.


His love and interest of Jadeite has been a lifelong passion. His focus and wish is to now develop all areas of the jadeite market to ensure clarity, accuracy and provide a pleasant service for the jadeite investor. 

Marcos vision of Jadeite and Co Ltd started approximately 6 yrs ago and he has worked tirelessly to develop its working practices and standing in the jadeite arena. 2017 is an exciting time for Marco and his team as the business now turns to become public facing and they look forward to the future.


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Mrs Huing Fan graduated from Tongji University, arguably one of China's greatest universites with a degree in Business. 

Having successfully supported senior executives in companies such as 3M and GSK she now consultants and supports growing businesses, specializing in business formation and development.


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