Jadeite and Co Ltd


Jadeite and Co work with one of the worlds leading geological institutions. The Department of Earth Sciences at The University of Oxford.


Its experienced leading scientists and vast collection of equipment enable Jadeite & Co to provide the most comprehensive research and testing applications of Jadeite items anywhere in the world. 

Many other organisations undertake a visual inspection of the item, at most will carry out an IR test. The main issue with this lower level of appraisal is that it does not take into account the presence of natural organic material. Some older pieces will have been worn and cleaned, polished with bees wax a large number of times over what could have been century's.

The readings of these substances are almost identical to that of resin. Natural material will not effect the quality of Jadeite however Resin will. This is unfortunately a common mistake made by laboratories resulting in Type A Jadeite being appraised as Type B or C.


In monetary terms this can result  in valuations of 1% of what the piece is actually worth had it been identified correctly. 

Jadeite & Co are unique in that the testing and investigation is carried out to such a depth that there can be no question as to the quality of the piece.  This in turn assists the following valuations that are made. We are so confident in our processes that we also indemnify every appraisal, further protecting all parties.

Our testing process has taken years to develop and perfect to ensure that no damage is caused to the pieces and our full specialist security systems protect the items during their time with us. 

Jadeite & Cos appraisal undertake full Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Energy Dispersive X-ray (EDX) reports, FTIR imagery and IR assessments in order to meet the current standards along with our further assessments to establish between the presence of organic materiel or that of resin.


This will be provided in comparison to other pieces to assist gemological assessors in establishing the quality of the piece with high resolution images. Chemical composition and other identification tools outside of their usual valuation techniques.

Jadeite & Co believe that the ability to see and understand the SEM, EDX and Back Scatter Electron (BSE) imaging at point of valuation rather than just the supply of a standard certificate will make valuations more accurate, protecting the client and protecting against miss valuations in this competitive market.

Fissures, cracks, crystal grain structure and the presence of other treatments not always seen by the naked eye are now apparent.

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